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Creating a web page design: what to consider

This article was written by Patrick Cox simply as a reason to reflect. Of course, one cannot agree with everything, but such an opinion is quite common among web developers. We will talk about what needs to be considered when creating web page design (or when redesigning websites), as well as about designing the design in pure HTML and CSS, without photoshop.

Let’s start our article with CSS, which we use for everything that opens with a browser. For many designers, Photoshop is just a tool for creating prototypes, roughly speaking, a blank canvas on which to create from scratch. When it comes to the direct construction of the site, then you should rely on CSS. Over the years, site layouts have been developed in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, etc., carefully calibrating every detail. But if you correctly use CSS, then the need for this is lost.

Since the development of the site has become more dynamic, it is necessary to take into account some principles that optimize the process of creating a high-quality design layout:

buttons without images;
realistic fonts;
Screen size;
the ability to do everything in CSS.
Buttons without images
Such a thing as a button can cause a lot of problems. It is necessary to provide such buttons that can be created via JavaScript or CSS. This has its advantages: scalability, lively text, no need for background images, no need to upload images. Simple buttons save designer time, so before reinventing the wheel, that is, creating super-buttons in Photoshop, consider whether it can be done with CSS?

Buttons without images

Realistic fonts
There are many great fonts that are freely available for download. Some try to stand out with beautiful and unusual letters. But it is worth remembering that, first of all, the site is created for the user, so the text should be readable. And again: before using a font, check whether browsers will understand it.

Say “No!” Cutting pictures. Any site needs only one image – this is the logo. It may be necessary to add embedded images or / and duplicate pattern. Everything that previously required fragmentation and layout can now be safely created in CSS.

Screen size
Since there are a lot of types of screens now, and they all have different sizes – from 320 × 480 to 2560 × 1440, think about how your design will look on each of them. Great design is not just beautiful pictures, work on the creation of the site requires you to think about the following:

What is the audience of the site, does it need responsive or mobile version?
How much should the layout be customizable?
How will the content be placed – in the center or along the left edge?
Consider what your site can open on screens with a resolution of 1024 × 720, up to 2560 × 1440, as well as the fact that the user can hold the device vertically and horizontally. Important: Avoid the appearance of a horizontal scroll bar.

Screen size

Is it possible to do everything in CSS?
When creating your next masterpiece in Photoshop, ask yourself, is it possible to create all the elements using CSS? This language is a powerful tool that allows you to duplicate most of the details created in graphic editors. Using CSS will speed up and simplify the process of creating web pages. Minimize the number of elements that cannot be created in CSS.

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