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The role of photography in web design

Very often, the success of a website is directly related to high-quality photography. This applies to absolutely any orientation – whether it be a shoe catalog or a site for sushi delivery. Images and product shots should look presentable. No matter how good the site is from the technical side, poor quality photos will negate all the designer’s efforts. That is why many web studios offer their photography services. With this approach, the project turns out really high quality.

So what is the role of photography in web design? What photographs and images can attract the attention of users? You will learn about this below.

What should be the photos on the site
Repetitive monotonous pages are boring and unprofessional. And the real photos, shot specifically for a particular site, will cause interest among visitors and attract the target audience. Do not save on the development of the site – this is your tool that sells 24 hours a day!

Informative photos
The start page of a website is the first thing a visitor sees. She should immediately tell you about your business. Large, bright images are the best way to convey the essence.

Recommendation: use an animated gallery to transfer all important information in a compact form.

Attractive photos
It is necessary that the pictures admired at first sight. Images should receive an emotional response from the visitor – this is the main quality of professional photography.

Recommendation: determine the action that you would like to receive from your audience: subscribe, buy, call, make a donation.

Prompting photos
Action images are better than passive. Show people the whole personality and vigor of your product or brand. These photos have colorful colors and high sharpness. Post these snapshots everywhere to keep a visitor on the site.

Recommendation: select only live images for your gallery, let them be smaller, but they will work.

Objects and faces
All people are social creatures, so with the help of photographs of faces one can easily attract attention. Of course, if you are promoting services or products, you need to use those pictures that put them in the best light. In this case, the photo of the face will serve as a way to convey emotions.

Recommendation: for online stores it is important to show the goods from all angles. To do this, you need to upload multiple images so that each side is viewed in a separate image.

It so happens that you have found the very photo that fits perfectly for your site, but, alas, does not harmonize with its design. It’s not a problem. Use the editors – changing the contrast and shades, cropping, color balance and other settings will help to make the image as you need.

Do not be afraid to experiment and shock. Resist the desire to use jaded photos. Remember: whatever site you create, the main thing is uniqueness!

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