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Web design – what’s in fashion? What is worth giving up?

TOP-10: a selection of sites with parallax effects Over the past few years, many innovative solutions and fashion trends have emerged in the field of web design. This industry is developing rapidly: there are more and more sites in a modern guise, and existing resources are in a hurry to transform, throwing off the old skin and trying on a new one.

And yet there are still many sites that do not just do not keep up with the times, but use those methods that are outdated a long time ago. Let’s consider what exactly the developers are avoiding today and what is being successfully used.

What went out of fashion
Once it was considered original to decorate pages with sample photos, falling “snow” and other elements. But now all this is already pretty fed up and has become equated with bad taste. What are web designers rejecting?

Web 2.0 style and realism
Three-dimensional backlit buttons, “reflection” of objects, realistic icons, rounded corners and gradients were popular not so long ago and were used at every step. In the current era of minimalism and flat design, one has to be much more careful with such effects. The views of the developers about the realism or the plane of the design diverge, but you need to recognize that preference is given to the latter.

Stock Photos
Insincere and strained smiles, a girl with a headset from a call center, glossy photos of handshakes and happy businessmen – all this does not cause anything but distrust and boredom. Today, the site will look much better realistic, real shots. The ideal option is to shoot a series of photos specifically for the project, without resorting to searching through photo stocks.

Pictures from photobanks
Download line, animated screensaver or video when opening the site – just interference that does not allow the user to freely access the content. Especially when the entry is not to be missed, or the Skip button is far hidden. Few people like to wait or solve puzzles while surfing the web, so it is important to give the visitor the opportunity to easily explore the site.

Long download on
Autoplay audio and video
Nowadays, almost no one forces visitors to listen to music on their site, but the arbitrary launch of video with sound is still often practiced. Well, as a rule, such web pages with a “surprise” are closed by the user instantly and without hesitation.

Popup windows
The Internet has long been tired of unexpected popup windows that show ads or solicit an e-mail for a subscription. Most of them are also difficult to close. Do not scare visitors – refuse pop-up windows.

A window with a suggestion to enter an e-mail on
Variety of fonts and lack of readability
The text written in all kinds of fonts, looks tasteless. Fonts should be used in reasonable quantities, as well as harmoniously combined. The size of the text must be chosen so that it can be read without problems, and its color should be in contrast to the background. It is also worth noting that the serif font read from the screen is definitely worse than the paper.

Impractical solutions
Technology does not stand still, and develop almost daily. Web designers need to take into account modern requirements for creating websites and avoid impractical and outdated solutions.
Due to display problems on many devices, it is better to abandon Flash sites. Moreover, nowadays, thanks to the wide possibilities of CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript, it is possible to implement everything the same, but without losing compatibility.

Mysterious Icons
Incomprehensible icons in the navigation menu, a description of which can be seen only when you hover the mouse pointer, do not belong in a high-quality design. In order to fully verify the correctness of this statement, try viewing the hint for such an icon in the browser of your iPhone or on another portable device where you cannot use the mouse.

The screenshot below shows the site where the user will have to think about where he will go if he clicks on one of the icons in the left column. But we must pay tribute, the mobile version of the site thought out better – it shows the captions to the icons.

Mysterious navigation menu on
Graphic text
Placing all the text on the site in the form of images, especially the elements of the navigation menu – this is a very bad idea. First, if the user has turned off the display of pictures in the browser, he will not see anything on the page and will not be able to move through sections. Secondly, the search engines have not yet learned how to read text on images. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether the site remains as functional without graphics.

A huge number of buttons Like and Share
Placing buttons on the site of all existing social sites, you can confuse the user. It is better to leave in sight only the most popular resources, and to hide the little-known ones. Social networking buttons are a useful tool, but it should not be intrusive.

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