Trends and trends in web site design 2017
It was originally planned to place a translation of an English-language article on web design trends in 2017, but after studying various sources, we decided to slightly change the concept…

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Creating a web page design: what to consider
This article was written by Patrick Cox simply as a reason to reflect. Of course, one cannot agree with everything, but such an opinion is quite common among web developers.…

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The difference between UI and UX: a practical example
Today there will be a guest post on the topic of UX and UI interfaces on the example of working with the Icons8 service. The author is a usability specialist…

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Top 10: a selection of sites with a parallax effect

Especially for those who still do not know what it is, we will briefly describe this effect, which has already begun to gain momentum intensively and is becoming increasingly popular in the field of web design.

So, the parallax effect, or parallax scrolling, is a special technique in which objects in the background move more slowly in the perspective than objects in the foreground. Due to this, a 3D effect is created, a feeling of three-dimensional space appears. Parallax scrolling is a great way to add a highlight to a one-page website, revive an infographic, tell a story or show a portfolio. And some works of modern designers can be called works of art with complete confidence … However, it’s better to see once than hear a hundred times – read our TOP-10 sites and see for yourself!

Please note: some sites with parallax scrolling are resource intensive due to a variety of effects, so “freezing” on certain computers and portable devices is not excluded.

Grab & Go
Grab & Go takes the tenth place in our ranking, where the parallax effect is used to decorate and animate a picture. When the cursor moves, you can observe how houses and trees move in the background at the same time. Agree, due to this zest there is a chance that the site will be better remembered by the visitor.

10th place: Grab & Go

On the DigitalHands website, which occupies the 9th place, the parallax effect is also used to stand out and be remembered by visitors. Move the mouse and enjoy the special effect.

9th place: DigitalHands

Madwell New York Creative Agency shows its portfolio on the main page of the site, skillfully using the parallax effect. The sense of 3D does not leave the user throughout the entire scrolling time.

8th place: Madwell

Any product needs a proper presentation. On the Oakley store website, parallax scrolling is used to demonstrate the benefits of Airbrake MX eyewear. It turned out quite impressive and informative, since the products can be viewed and studied from all sides, simply using a scroll.

7th place: Oakley

Make Your Money Matter
Few people don’t care about personal finance. Site Make Your Money Matter, which took the 6th place of our rating, in an accessible form reveals to the viewers the advantages of a credit union and talks about the disadvantages of banks. Here you can use a calculator that will show how much profit banks make thanks to customer investments, and also find branches of credit cooperatives by zip code.

6th place: Make Your Money Matter

Space needle
Would you like to explore Seattle from a height of 184 meters? Space Needle website will take you on a virtual walk through the most recognizable sights of the city – the Space Needle (Space Needle), which means “space needle” in English. This tower with a height of 184 m, a width of 42 m and a weight of 9,550 tons can withstand hurricanes with wind speeds of up to 320 km / h and earthquakes of up to 9.1 points. In addition, the tower has 25 lightning rods. A distinctive feature of the Space Needle is a viewing platform at an altitude of 159 meters, a SkyCity restaurant and a gift shop. From its summit you can see the center of Seattle, Mount Rainier, the Cascade Mountains, Eliot Bay and the surrounding islands.

5th place: Space Needle

Peugeot Hybrid4 – Graphic Novel
The largest French automaker Peugeot presented in a rather extraordinary way the hybrid drive system Hybrid4. Before our eyes opens an exciting comic (which, by the way, can be put on autoplay), where the main character’s task is to get secret data and leave without getting into trouble. To successfully complete the operation, it is forced to switch between four different driving modes that mimic the Peugeot Hybrid 4 technology – maximum performance and agility (Sport), all-wheel drive mode and maximum traction (4WD), balance between performance and economy (Auto), quiet operation (ZEV ).

4th place: Peugeot Hybrid4 – Graphic Novel

The walking dead
So, we came to the third place in our list of TOP sites, which went to the project The Walking Dead. When creating a site that primarily interested numerous fans of the “The Walking Dead” series, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and, of course, the parallax effect were used. The developers have done a lot of work, forcing all these technologies to work together and on all platforms. Getting to the site and starting to scroll, the user sees a comic story about how actors are made into zombies.

3rd place: The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead – Zombiefied

Sony – Be Moved
The unique and inimitable project, part of the Sony campaign “Be Moved”, impresses with its volume, dynamics and thoughtfulness to the smallest details. Better presentation of products than Sony, probably, could not be found.

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