10 trends and trends logos
Last year's post about trends in logos 2017 was well received by readers, so we decided to continue this “tradition” and consider the main trends in logo design 2018. Despite…

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Tips for creating a beautiful one-page portfolio site
Many global web design trends can be applied to one-page pages, but they also have their own unique features. Such projects are quite specific, so it is useful to read…

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Redesign of popular logos: from bulk to flat

It is no secret that flat design is now the most popular topic. On the Internet, it is becoming more and more common for us – websites are remade according to new rules, the color palette is limited, and all elements of realism are ruthlessly removed from all icons. We can say that the design becomes more airy, spacious and easy to read.

The same touched the logos. They, like other graphics, designers are trying to simplify as much as possible. Despite the fact that the flat design began to gain popularity relatively recently, some brands have already managed to update their symbolism. And some people managed to make it long before the first talk about flat design! And, apparently, not lost.

Let’s look at the images below to see how popular logos look in a volumetric and flat form. Here everyone can once again determine for himself which option he prefers – realistic, with detailed drawing or simple, without excesses.

Dropbox cloud storage used to have a logo with gradients (above). Now on the official site you can see a simplified, more concise version of the logo (below).
Dropbox logo

OneDrive (SkyDrive)
Microsoft hosting has changed not only the logo, but also its name. Previously, the service was called SkyDrive, but at the beginning of 2014, for some reason, it was necessary to rebrand, and SkyDrive turned into OneDrive. The two-cloud logo has been simplified as much as possible.
OneDrive logo

The LiveJournal online diaries platform had a rather uncomplicated logo before, but along with the redesign of the whole site, an updated logo appeared that was even simpler and more modern, but at the same time easily recognizable.
LiveJournal logo

A good way to find out which design option is closer to you is to look at the two Pepsi logos. What is old, that the new version looks stylish in its own way, but which of these two logos would you prefer?
Pepsi logo

The Python language logo, resembling the shape of two snakes, as well as the plus sign, is very easy to turn into a flat one – just remove the gradient that underlines the bulkiness of the figure. The font used in the logo is called Flux Regular.
Python logo

On sites dedicated to CMS Joomla, currently used two versions of the logo – three-dimensional and flat.
Joomla logo

On the Internet you can find many variations of the WordPress logo. On the official website, the logo is available in several colors, but always in a flat form. You can add volume, although in this case, perhaps, the logo is more suitable for cars, and not for CMS.
WordPress Logo

The Safari compass, very detailed and carefully traced, was replaced by a dial, in which the compass can be recognized only by its characteristic hands. However, we must pay tribute to the artists – the new icon looks stylish and modern.
Logo safari

Changes in the Firefox logo can be overlooked with the naked eye, especially on small icons. However, the latest version of it still differs from the previous ones – the contrast and gradient is reduced, the fox’s tail is slightly redrawn and other small details are corrected.
Firefox logo

Here, everything is clear and without comment – if the earlier logo is almost like a material thing, then the new one is created in full accordance with the modern fashion.

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