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Trendy: 6 WordPress Plugins

Perhaps we do not need to talk about WordPress, because everyone already knows about the great potential of this CMS. Instead, we’ll tell you about some plugins for this engine.

Some plugins are vital for WordPress, such as a plugin for SEO or caching; others are optional (for example, the reCaptcha integration plugin). In the category of optional, but very useful extensions often come across plug-ins that help maintain the current look of the site and be in trend.

Such plug-ins will help to revive the interface with animation or parallax effect, add a button-hamburger in the menu or make the images two-color. Today you will learn about six current trends and six simple, and most importantly, free plug-ins, which are available on WordPress.org.

1. Blocks

Where you can see: Pinterest, Dribbble, Behance, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, etc.

In the first paragraph we will talk about blocks. In 2015, the blocks in web-design became a fashionable trend, and it seems that they are not going to give up the position. This method of content design is considered one of the most popular when information is presented to the reader in the form of individual pieces (blocks). This is almost a universal solution, equally well suited for both computers and mobile devices.

Suitable WordPress Plugin: Masonry Layout (Pinterest Like Grid)

Design in the style of “brickwork” is one of the best ways to arrange the blocks on the page, and the plug-in Masonry Layout is perfect for this. Thanks to him, you can create a structure a la Pinterest on your blog, in an online magazine or even in an online store.

2. Two-color graphics

Where you can see: advertising campaigns Spotify, Adidas, Lois Jeans, etc.

The two-tone style (duotone, duplex) is as old as the world. It was used millions of times by photographers who needed to transform images and make them bright. Despite the fact that duotone is not something new, last year it gained popularity on the Internet. The first example that comes to mind is Spotify, where designers used intense shades.

Matching WordPress Plugin: TwotoneFX

TwotoneFX is a small plugin that allows you to transfer images in media files into duplex mode (users of Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom are probably familiar with this filter). TwotoneFX plugin has a simple, intuitive interface and settings for photo editing. You can apply filters for thumbnails, pictures in the recordings or for all graphic files in the library.

3. Parallax effect

Where you can see: here, as well as on a huge number of other sites.

For two years now the parallax effect has remained in trend – it is used both for a slight revitalization of the design, and as the main accent. With it, you can achieve dynamics, convenient interaction and 3D-effect on the site.

Suitable WordPress Plugin: Parallax Scroll

Parallax Scroll is an elegant way to add parallax effect to a page using shortcodes. The plugin allows you to decorate with parallax headings, pages and custom WordPress posts, and provides opportunities to create what you really need.

4. Material Design

Where you can see: MaterialUp, Polymer, Android, Google, etc.

Material design, which can be called an international visual language, has already occupied its niche. It involves the use of the best practices of UX-design, and, in fact, is a kind of “guiding star.” It also provides an easy-to-implement, aesthetic look to the user interface.

Matching WordPress Plugin: Materializer

Materializer is an extensive Material Design component library that has been skillfully turned into a WordPress plugin. Materializer WP offers the user more than 20 shortcodes to add elements such as blocks, download icons, various buttons, etc. to the page. Read the documentation to learn how to use them to your advantage.

5. Animation

Lazy animation by Devin Hunt

Where you can see: in almost all modern portfolios, projects with a visual storytelling and on websites, including such “giants” as Apple.

Among all current trends, this one is most pleasing to the eye and interested. Passive animation, animation when loading, smooth transitions, slides, appearance and fading, etc. – in the world there are a huge number of types of animation. It is used to improve interfaces and increase usability, and breathes life into interesting ideas.

Matching WordPress Plugin: Animate It!

With the help of this plugin, you can animate any element of a post, widget or page by adding a soft, barely noticeable dynamic behavior. More than fifty different CSS3 effects are available to users, including bouncing, fading, spinning, flip, and ripple.

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