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Web Design Trends

I think before starting to analyze the year 2018, it should be remembered that a new thing appeared on the web in 2017. Ukraine is actively developing, but still lags behind the key market players in terms of technology and quality of design. Therefore, if next year we succeed in introducing at least a part of the trend areas of the world digital from 2017, this will be a huge success.

Large menu

It was a trend. For many, this is a must have. And now there are those who consider it a move. After the appearance of burgers, everyone started hiding the menu under one button, which caused a lot of controversy. But these three strips were the reddest zone on the heat map of using the site, which we compiled after researching user behavior. But in the end, after clicking on the burger, a small die appeared on the page with sections of the site that was not even worth hiding.

Therefore, in 2017 there was a large menu, which is not allocated to the side plate, but the whole screen. The principle is this: if you hide something, then make it so that it is beautifully located and opened. So that after the user found the menu, he was more satisfied than he expected.


Now a large menu has become a fetish of world studios, as it used to be page 404. Designers began to invent elements in it, add hovers and additional information. It not only adds aesthetics to the site, but also expands the functionality due to its size.

Fashion effects

Glitch, morph, geometry, color explosion, minimalism. Dasha Shapolovala, the ideologist of Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week in Kiev, discussed the trends in fashion, and I talked about new trends on the web. And we found similarities in completely different areas.

Camper site successfully illustrated the use of morphing, because they were based on the objectives and specifics of the brand. The effect, when a person flows into a shoe, creates an association of the image with clothing. “Yeah, I look like this guy. He wears these shoes. Most likely, they will suit me. ” Thus, you not only make the site more alive, but also create a semantic link between the elements. Previously, morphing was difficult to do, but now there are ready-made scripts in libraries.

An example of morphing. Site camper.com

Regarding broken geometry. Nike used it in his catalog when looking at shoe models. If you draw parallels, you can see that similar techniques were used during the high fashion week. Asymmetric forms, layering of different structures, tissue flickering. Hence the name – fashion effects.

But I advise UI designers to work out their directing skills in order to know where to add “wow”, where to calm down a bit. The glut of such effects makes the site heavy and tiring.

Brand in lifestyle

Brands are moving into a different, lively interaction with the audience. The design should be adaptable. Previously, to create a good catalog it was enough to have high-quality photo production, post-production. Photographed, placed, enough. But it is not enough just to post a good video on the landing page. It is necessary to associate everything with emotions. This statement is perfectly confirmed by the success of sales through Instagram. You see a beautiful coat on a girl and fall in love. It seems to you that you are buying a coat. In fact, you buy this image of a girl in it.

Now under the collection of clothing run small promotional sites. Example with Lacoste. The key of the campaign is lightness and airiness. This mood is transmitted visually. You literally parry between garments. Naturally, then you will transfer to your favorite model, and you will be transferred to classic e-commerce. But it is not he who attracts you, but this association of lightness in dress and lifestyle.

Screenshot from Lacoste website.

Another example. Adidas has launched a new collection. They immediately began to be associated with new patterns and colors. But the coolest – scroll down. The combination of ragged layout, video and photos. The emphasis is on the shoes of people and their feelings in clothes. And if you yourself didn’t like the sneakers at first, then after you see them in motion, in dynamics, you feel emotionally, you may want to.

Adidas screenshots.


Was, is and will be. True, it changes shape.

In 2017 there were a lot of video sites. With scripts, actors. That is, invented an additional mechanic. But the video is heavy, expensive, and long loaded. Began to invent workarounds.

Website Bear Grylls. Yes, in fact, the story is told in a solid dry text. But before the case presentation on the site was a classic, on a grid, with an image photo, a short description and a transition to another page. Here the text goes without a grid. If you catch

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